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What does Diamond status for Invisalign mean?  



The designation is awarded to the top 1% of providers anywhere in the world and equates to a larger volume of cases completed by the practice. Dr. Maz co-founded the Aligner Intensive Fellowship, an online residency that has educated nearly five thousand orthodontists worldwide on the proper treatment planning and use of clear aligners. No one in St. Louis has more experience with Invisalign than Moshiri Orthodontics.



What many Invisalign candidates may not know is that aligner treatments are only as good as the doctors designing and customizing them for the unique patient treatment plan.  Just like any other professional using a tool, Invisalign is a great aligner system, but becomes outstanding in the hands of an experienced professional.  This is why Moshiri Orthodontics has invested so much into becoming among the best in the world with Invisalign clear aligner treatment.



In fact, our very own Dr. Maz is the co-founder of a world-renowned Invisalign fellowship course over 2500 orthodontists have benefited from.  He is asked to speak at all the top conferences and teaches all over the world.  The course is now being offered in Brazil!



We could not be more proud of this prestigious award which is accomplished not just from our Drs Moshiri but also from each and every one of us on the team and of course, our amazing patients!



The Moshiris have a legacy of being the best of the best.  That’s why discerning families in St. Louis usually find their way to us.  The extra mile our doctors go to provide world-class treatments in an elegant environment is only the beginning at Moshiri Orthodontics.  



When nothing but the best will do for you and your family’s smile, we are here to serve you.  Want to learn more about important distinctions in our practice?